Stop-Motion with Japanese Wooden Hedgehog Toys

A vintage wedding invitation

This came in the mail this weekend: A vintage-inspired invitation to my best friends’ wedding!


I came home from a long day at work on Friday to find this in the mail. What an exciting way to greet the weekend! I’m so excited to be going back to San Francisco and watch two good friends get married. I’ll be a bridesmaid for my first time so it will definitely be a busy trip.Β  The last time I went back was last June for another friend’s wedding. It was a wonderful trip, but much too short! I’m really looking forward to spending a week seeing friends and eating quality sandwiches!

A heavy rain storm on Saturday morning means a missed long run :(

Saturday mornings, I usually get up to go on my long runs. Unfortunately, due to the rain and lack of proper rain gear, I had to postpone the run. I’ve really come to look forward to these opportunities to clear my mind, meditate on thoughts from the week, or nothing at all. Instead, I spent the day trying to finish some design work in my room to the sound of the drizzle outside.

I ended up finishing a short stop motion film I made for my friend’s birthday. It actually got started accidentally, in the process of completing an assignment for my graphic design course with TGDS. I made a light box using a large cardboard box, white paper, white felt, velcro and two lights. Then I used Adobe Lightroom and iMovie to edit and cut the pictures together.

Light BoxMy homemade light-box

I found these toys when I was hiking Mt. Rokko for the first time in a gift shop. It’s a box full of wooden adorable wooden hedgehogs called Mogu-mogu. They’re meant to be stacked up until the pile falls apart, maybe something similar to Monkeys In a Barrel. I have no idea if they’re based on a comic or anime or if they’re just random characters. In any case, they were so charming, I couldn’t resist the purchase. They’ll be gifted to my friend when I finally get to see him this October πŸ™‚

Star HedgehogThe star of my film, a wooden hedgehog toy, which came from a game I bought in Japan

My First Stop-Motion Video: Hedgehog and The Lime

The song is With Whom to Dance by the Magnetic Fields.


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