Hidden Vegetarian Gem in Samsen Area, Bangkok



While wandering around the Samsen area of historic Bangkok, I stopped in for a bite at this humble little restaurant/cafe run by a older woman by the name of Chai. I just loved the atmosphere of her small operation, barely noticeable among the bushes of potted plants. It’s located on a quiet corder on Samsen 3, where you can sit and listen to the nearby birds and the gentle hum of passing motorbikes. I had two breakfasts there, which Chai prepared on a single burner, using the tiny counter space of her fruit-cluttered cart. She teaches Thai vegetarian cooking for about 1000 baht.



This is Chai. She had such a warmth to her presence. Her dishes are made with love.


After so many heavy and greasy Thai meals, I wanted a light and refreshing breakfast. Her veggie omelet delivered just that, complete with toast and homemade pineapple-mango jam. I also ordered a banana shake.

Chais-6I needed something healthy after all the pad thai.
Chais-4A sweet and creamy banana shake

The next day I went back for her black sticky rice with banana and mango, made from rice grown in her family’s organic farm in Isaan. Hers was my first authentic Thai Iced Tea.

Chais-9I love sweet breakfasts


Chai’s has an English menu with lots of vibrant pictures of stir-fries and fresh salads. She also serves organic Lao coffee and buffalo milk yogurt. If you find yourself staying north of Khaosan Rd, I’d recommend you try to find this place for breakfast or a shake!

Samsen, Soi 4, Banglamphu
Bangkok, Thailand


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