Visiting KyotoHello, my name is Beyang and this is my travel and design blog. I use it to tell stories and show my pictures of my experience here in Japan and other places I’ve been.

Since an unforgettable trip to the Czech Republic with two of my best friends in 2007, I’ve done everything I can to see as much of the world as possible. I’ve had all kinds of work: assisting vets at an animal clinic, sold knives door to door, coached in a women’s fitness center, taught college students to make movies and music, volunteered for traveling clinics, modeled for sculpture classes, babysat and tutored kids, sold Maasai bead jewelry, and finally taught English–all for the purpose of sustaining my love of travel.

Currently, I’m teaching at an international school in Kobe, Japan, where the sea meets the mountains and beef is extraordinarily expensive. On the side, I tinker with computer music, make weekend getaways to the beach, design graphics and websites, eat ramen and gyoza, sing karaoke and collect Japanese business cards. Recently, I’ve started training for my first ever marathon. Also, like many of you, I love lists.


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